How to play

    1. First, scan the barcode on your phone and generate KANOJO.
    1. After your KANOJO appears, give her a name and save her.
    1. You can bring her up, or get a new one to complete your collection.

Things you can do

Enjoy to generate KANOJO from EAN/UPC barcode.
Try to scan barcode of any goods around you. Find KANOJOs who is hiding in barcodes. See more details >>
Finger KANOJO to communicate with.
Newborn KANOJO is eager to communicate with you, but unfortunately they can't use your language. Touch her body to communicate with her. See movie >>
Complete your collection with stealing KANOJO from other users.
If the barcode was scanned by somebody before you scan it, you can add her to your "Friend List". After adding her to your friend list, you can ask her for date, give her something to attract her.

The rules

  1. Stamina
    The actions below take your stamina.
    Action Stamina
    Generate KANOJO Use stamina 20 pt
    Add to friend list Use stamina 5 pt
    Re-scanning Use stamina 2 pt
    Go on a date Use stamina 5-30 pt
    Kiss, Flirt Use stamina 10 pt
    Touch your KANOJO to do "Kiss, Flirt".
    Stamina will recover automatically by 4 hours.
  2. Usage of B coin
    Action B Coin
    Send her gift Spend over 25 B coins
    Go on a date Spend over 5 B coins
    Buy Items Spend over 1000 B coins
    There is a limit of money you can get for a day.
  3. How to get B coin
    Event Amount of B coin
    Succeeding in generating KANOJO 50-100 B coins
    Adding other's KANOJO as your friend 25-50 B coins
    Re-scanning the barcode 10-30 B coins
    Maximize KANOJO's love level 5-10 B coins
    Increasing the user level Number of user level ×50 B coins
    Succeeding in stealing KANOJO 20-100 B coins
  4. Use of items you can purchase
  5. You can purchase items from [Store] menu on item screen.
    Items you can purchase Effectiveness
    Clothes Love level increases when you purchase items for your Kanojo. And you can decrease love level of your friends owned by other users as their Kanojo when you purchase items for your friends. A Kanojo changes her clothes given by herself.
    Energy Drinks Regain your Stamina.
    Goodbye Letter To dump your Kanojo..

  6. Prohibited Matters
    1. Playing with multiple account
    2. Scanning barcode made by yourself
    3. Scanning barcode on the product that hasn't been bought yet
    If you do such actions in this service, we can restrict your using or delete your account.

Delete Account

You can delte your account on here.

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