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Recent Activities

nnmr stole ふみ from ひろにょん.
@ 1 hour ago
nnmr stole さくら from 小夜.
@ 1 hour ago
nnmr stole アニス from hiishii.
@ 2 hours ago
nnmr stole くろだちゃん from ともろぉ.
@ 3 hours ago
nnmr added ふみ to friend list.
@ 4 hours ago
nnmr added くろだちゃん to friend list.
@ 4 hours ago
nnmr stole 魔王 from 雨蛙.
@ 10 hours ago
nnmr stole しおり from あと1日.
@ 16 hours ago
nnmr stole チュウ from あっぷるみ.
@ 1 day ago
nnmr stole トロン from ringdel.
@ 1 day ago

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